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It's not ideologues who make government work, though. It's people like Dudik, who are more interested in solving problems than in pursuing some absolute vision of their political beliefs. She belongs to a tradition of practical lawmaking that has waned in our era of politics as entertainment, but remains as vital to good governance as it ever was.


Dudik doesn't need to be famous across the state. I suspect she would do her work just as well if no one ever heard about it. But Missoula should know what she's been up to, because she does it better than just about anyone in Helena. We should send her back there every chance we get.


-Dan Brooks, Leading by example: How Missoula Rep. Kim Dudik did Montanans proud in Helena, 

Missoula Independent (April 27, 2017)


Dear Neighbors and Friends,

       It has been my honor to serve the great people of Montana in the state Legislature for the last 6 years, working to build healthier communities, a stronger economy, and a better future for Montana.  So much important policy happens at the state level. We need to continue to press our legislative leaders to pass laws that help all Montanans.

     Throughout my time in the Legislature, I have successfully built bipartisan coalitions around many important causes, moving the needle in a positive direction to improve our state.  From passing Montana's anti-bullying law, reforming our human trafficking law and protecting children from abuse, and to allowing collection of back taxes owed at the Smurfit-Stone mill site, my legislation has made our communities better.  Over 20 pieces of my legislation have successfully passed and improved public safety, the safety of children, and our criminal justice and public defense systems.  

     Wise investments in our lands and people will create healthier communities, a stronger economy, and a better future for all Montanans.  Investing in the people of Montana, our communities, and our environment will create a more prosperous economy and a better future. 

     My training and experience provide me with the knowledge and skills to improve our Legislature.  I look forward to continuing to serve the people of Montana in the Legislature and working to make the future of Montana brighter.  

     Please contact me with any questions you have or any suggestions for what you would like to see our government do for the people of Montana.  Now is the time for us all to stand up for a better tomorrow.  I look forward to meeting you. 



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